Elaine’s aim is to make every wedding dress a unique couture piece to uplift, indulge and reflect our client’s natural beauty and confidence. Our clients are treated to a basic body and colour analysis as part of the consultation. The results of the analysis is then incorporated into the design process to accentuate the brides unique attributes. This coupled with a variety of different fabrics all work together to create the perfect cut and shape which eventually becomes the stunning wedding dress you deserve to wear on your special day.


Fittings will be scheduled when confirmation of quotation is received. There will be 5 fittings scheduled in our production process were clients can be assured of a good fit and friendly services. In the 1st fitting we will be looking at the mock-up of the dress. A mock-up is a sewed up garment made out of muslin to make adjustments to the pattern used for better fit. Boning and a built in corset will be checked too, to enhance better cut and shape. Fabrication will be checked and moulded around the individual figure to establish colour and the weight of the shape’s flow. The neckline of the garment will be cut onto the figure to reflect the design and enhance the figure and shape of the dress. This fitting will take ½ hour.

In the second fitting the fabric that needs to be draped will be moulded onto the figure to enhance better shape. Clients can be assured of a ½ to 1 hour fitting time.

In the 3rd fitting, the hem of the garment will be measured and cut. Clients will be advised to bring their shoes with in advance to establish the correct length. This fitting will take ½ hour. We do a quality check as well as checking the fit of the dress and the detail throughout the whole production process.

The sewn in hem will be checked in the 4th fitting (½ hour) as well as the detail and the fit of the dress. A collection date will also be confirmed which is usually the 5th fitting.

We encourage clients to start with the process three months prior to the date of event. If arranged in advance clients may book their production process one to two months prior to the date of event.

Extra services

We also offer additional services prior to the event and after. Client’s can now hire Elaine’s ‘dress me’ services were she helps you to get dressed on your special day, at an additional costs.

We also offer a ‘dry cleaning’ service within 14 days after the event at additional costs.