Custom made wedding dresses

We are a Cape Town based wedding dress design company. We specialize in custom made wedding dresses where happy clients enjoy the luxury of bringing their own idea to life! Also we specialize in catalogue wedding dresses, where clients may choose from a variety of our seasonal catalogue. read more

Other services

Designer Elaine will be honoured to help you get dressed for you special day. Elaine has worked in the industry for quite some time and understands all the feelings.

We do want you to enjoy and feel confident in your dress on that special day. With fun and happiness in the air you don’t want to worry about how your dress will look afterwards. Therefore we offer special services regarding the dry cleaning and alterations of garments within 14 days of the event date. 

Our dresses

Grace Wedding Dress

A dash of elegance and sophistication the ELAINEBLOM GRACE dress is designed for the modern bride dazzling her guests while she glides...

Gatsby Wedding Dress

Reflecting the jazz age, the ELAINEBLOM GATSBY dress sets a part for a themed wedding. Taking one back to the era...

Butterfly Wedding Dress

With definite cut and shape the ELAINEBLOM BUTTERFLY dress pronounces of the modern cordial bride. It is designed for the bride who...